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Golden Fleece WOOL BULK FILL

Golden Fleece WOOL BULK FILL insulation is pneumatically installed & comes in a Thermal Rating of R2.5 to R4.0, this depends on the thickness & density of the product installed. Batts are placed around ceiling vents, fans down lights, flues & over the manhole.

Installation is available in most areas of Victoria and Southern NSW

Golden Fleece superior sheep’s wool insulation:

  • Is Australian grown
  • Is Australian processed
  • Has no waste or recycled wool
  • Meets industry and building code standards for building insulation materials.
  • Is Fire safe
  • Has high moisture absorbency, yet a natural water repellent surface
  • Has high thermal resistance
  • Is user friendly, soft and pleasant to handle
  • Is non toxic & odor  free
  • Does not attract vermin
  • Is resistant to moth & carpet beetle attack
  • Has good acoustic properties

Manufacturing Quality.

Golden Fleece manufactures to the highest standards from a blend of clean pure wool, which is then scientifically processed, to ensure the fibres are of the correct length to guarantee even distribution when installed, with minimal settling after installation. This process has been highly recommended by the EPA who encourages the use of environmentally processes.



Official CSIRO Research Proves Better Performance of Wool Insulation.
“Wool insulation performs better because of it’s ability to rapidly absorb and desorb moisture from the air. The release of moisture by wool insulation results in the cooling of the fibre mass. So when the outside temperature increases and begins to heat the wool, it desorbs or releases moisture which has a cooling effect on the fibre. This improves the ability of the fibre mass to reduce the flow of heat from outside to inside the building.”  (Media release 2/93 CSIRO).


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