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Why Insulate With Wool ?

The Natural Properties of Wool:


Wool is less likely to cause breathing difficulty, skin irritations or asthma than other insulation materials. Think about it for a minute, we've all enjoyed the warmth of a woolen jumper or blanket, but you wouldn't for a minute entertain the idea of wrapping a baby in a blanket made of Fibre Glass, would you.


Wool's natural properties give sheep a coat that is strong and durable, yet wonderfully soft to touch. One that can be worn in snow, yet still protects and insulates in the hottest climates. It keeps the sheep cool when it's warm, warm when it's cool, and dry all year round. These properties can NOT be simulated by man-made fibres, and that's why no other fibre can do what wool does naturally.


Official CSIRO Research Proves Better Performance of Wool Insulation:

"Wool insulation performs better because of it's ability to rapidly absorb and desorb moisture from the air. The release of moisture by wool insulation results in the cooling of the fibre mass. So when the outside temperature increases and begins to heat the wool, it desorbs or releases moisture which has a cooling effect on the fibre. This improves the ability of the fibre mass to reduce the flow of heat from outside to inside the building."  (CSIRO Media release Feb 1993).


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