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Picture your home ...... as a warm comfortable place, where you and your family live a healthy lifestyle, breathe easy and sleep well.

Imagine being able to..... avoid fuel bills that cost the earth, without the need to compromise your comfort.

That's exactly how Golden Fleece Insulation has been helping Australian families live in their own homes for decades.


Products and Services offered by Golden Fleece Insulation include: 

  • Golden Fleece Bulk Fill Wool
  • Golden Fleece Wool Blend Batts
  • Golden Fleece Polyester Batts
  • Insulco Fibreglass Batts
  • Installation of new insulation
  • Removal of existing Insulation
  • Updating existing insulation   

Company Director, Peter Gerster has been involved in the Insulation Industry for over 50 years.


The past 25 years have been spent developing and perfecting sheep’s wool insulation products and installation methods that now offer a healthy blend of natural fibres with astonishing insulating properties.

It is no wonder he is a leader in his field. He was the Inaugural President of the Australian Wool Insulation Association and was responsible for setting the first Product Standards.

Golden Fleece Insulation prides itself on the quality and performance of it’s products and service.  We offer a Guarantee on all work carried out by authorised installers.

Welcome to the most natural way to be comfortable, healthy and save money in your own home.



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